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Superpowers of a BELL Laptop can save you big time | Sales Copy Sample

Superpowers of a BELL Laptop can save You big time

Even if you are thinking “I am good” because you are not.


Long time back, when our ancestors were yet to invent fire, they were good. Until they did it.

Imagine the benefits of mastering fire. Can you live without it today?

A heart-thumping NO, right?


So why settle for something that does not serve you?

Why not search for fire? That at a discounted rate!


Allow me to present to you the super powerful BELL 243 laptop at your disposal. It is the highest rated and bestselling laptop in the present. Reasons will surprise you!

[Laptop image]


Generally, when you hear ‘Laptop’ sale, you roll your eyes and say “I know”. Because all laptops turn out to be the same. One which is working in slow motion and your heart is in your mouth hoping it not to crash. It is not the best test of your time nor patience. And definitely not drain your hard-earned money.

This is where BELL 243 has come to your rescue. Its latest technology and sleek designs are winning lots of hearts. And no I am not talking about certain add-on features added here and there. I am talking about real improvements.


What’s in it for you?

No more searching for charging points at the airport.

With BELL 243, you get a battery life of up to 3 days!

That means no need to carry your laptop charger while on a weekend trip.

This is no joke. The technology put behind the prolonged battery life is mindblowing. The extensive research study shown on this type of battery proves to be very promising. Not only that, the battery performance does not dwindle with time. It works just great for at least 2 years. It’s a great laptop evolution, I must say.


No more Hanging Problem.

How about your games running smoothly and documents opening in a flash (No, I am not talking about The Flash). It takes only a few milliseconds to switch between programs and apps. Such is the power of its processor.

It lets you experience video games like never before. The state-of-the-art GPU gives a smooth running video game experience (as sliding on butter).

BELL 243 is powered with Pentium Core i7 processor and 6gb RAM. With such superpower and the thrill in-built, this laptop will surely give your friends some serious envy. a smooth running experience when you play games or do complex tasks.


Powerful Windows OS increases your productivity.

When BELL 243 combined a powerful processor with Windows OS, magic happened.

Reduce your time wasted gawking at the screen and increase your productivity with this powerful no-nonsense laptop.

It makes you work harder and play smarter.


Better movie watching experience.

Pixelated screens are a real pain when you want to watch a movie on your laptop. You want to see every detail that is present on the screen.

So satisfy your visual sensory with BELL 243’s 15’6 inch HD resolution screen.

You can happily check out the gadgets the actor is carrying or the earrings the actress is wearing.


Easy to carry even to space

Portable and durable, it fits in the slimmest bag.

Enjoy the benefits of a laptop without anybody noticing it.


Oh and save all of your favorite stuff without worrying about memory.

With 1 Terabyte of memory inbuilt in your BELL 243 laptop, you get lots and lots of space to save both your professional work and favorite music, movies and, series on the go.



At $899 (Limited-time Offer)

Still not convinced how this powerful BELL 243 Laptop can drastically improve your work life?

You don’t have to believe me.

“Customer reviews…..”


Actual Price $1899


Wow. Quite an Offer!

P.S. Gamers and Professionals:

I bet you don’t think you are good anymore.

Because owning a super powerful laptop is like gaining a superpower in itself.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be the best.


BUY BELL 243 LAPTOP NOW AND GET AN INSTANT DISCOUNT OF 52.6%… $1000 less from your pocket.

BUY AT 899$ NOW!*

*This is a one-time offer and can expire anytime.


  • Attractive EMI options are available for 3 months, 6 months and 12 months.
  • Attractive body colors are also available to match your personality.

-Defining black

-Sensual silver

-Rock red

-Wandering white

-Grim grey


Still, have doubts?

Download our free report about BELL laptop’s success story for 5 years.

BUY BELL 243 at 899$*

*Limited-time Offer

P.S. This work is a sample sales copy.  

For more such samples/work, visit my portfolio page.

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