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Email Copy for Enrolling to a Paid Blogging Course | Sample

Email Subject: Wish I knew this before about blogging…


Hi [first_name],


Are you blogging without the industry knowledge of what works and what doesn’t?

Are your blogging topics mundane, boring and overused?

Or you might be dead tired of your blog articles not reaching the potential it should have months ago.

Whatever the reason may be, you deserve more VIEWS, more QUALITY CONTENT and definitely more INTERACTION with your readers.

See, I know you are passionate to make big in the blogging business. 

But do you have the ability? Of course, you have!

And YOU have the potential to improve your skills and become a more efficient blogger.

There is a problem though.

Your blogging lacks the proper tools and techniques to achieve the blogging goals you are dreaming of for months.

Blogging is a profession that is more than writing. Content strategy development and dedication are 2 most important aspects of blogging apart from honing writing skills.


For the first time, we are bringing to you the extensive blogging course, synergetic with today’s blogging world and updated for active bloggers like you.

What used to work 10 years back, is of no help now.

So if there is latest THE BLOGGING 101 course out there on this planet, it is this -> BLOGGER MAESTRO COURSE

Also, get to know The Secret Technique that only master bloggers practice.

Yes, you heard me right! The Secret Technique is all yours with this course.

  • Learn from industry experts
  • 100+ hours of video lessons
  • Doubt-clearing sessions
  • Practical tools and tips
  • The Secret technique (only Master bloggers know)





Blogger Maestro Team


P.S. This work is a sample email copy for enrolling to a blog course.  

For more such samples/work, visit my portfolio page.

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